Bridge Course

We bring you an oppurtunity to experience the journey of an IAS aspirant

Course Description

"There is only one good, knowledge and one evil, ignorance."- Socrates. 

This quote of Socrates, the ancient Greek Philosopher is relevant to every walk of life and more so to a UPSC journey. Over the years Manifest IAS has come across aspirants numbering in thousands and only a handful have successfully sailed the sea of UPSC examination. The only differentiating factor between a successful and an unsuccessful candidate is  Knowledge. Here Knowledge doesn’t merely connote hoarding factual information. Knowledge here means attaining the right awareness about the exam, the discretion to choose the right resources, the courage to follow through with the decisions which have been made..

When we think of this Capability (Knowledge) of a lay UPSC aspirant, at the start of his preparation he/she is not capable enough to take the right decision about the examination. As he/she neither possesses the awareness about the exam nor the necessary discretion to weigh his/her options and arrive at a decision. And traditionally he/she follows the advice of a senior aspirant or gets bowled over by the theatrics and marketing strategies of the coaching institutes and makes a  wrong start by picking the wrong institute.                          

This seemingly innocent decision of an aspirant is going to haunt them throughout their preparation. It will become a congenital problem from which most aspirants will not be able to salvage themselves. In order to resolve this problem, Manifest IAS has come up with a  Bridge course for aspirants preparing for UPSC CSE-2023 and beyond. Particularly for the aspirants who are struggling to make a choice about the coaching institutes. 


Through the Bridge course, we are offering the aspirants a chance to associate with us for a period of 2 months. In this period we will empower the aspirants with the necessary UPSC discretion and help them understand the nuances of the UPSC preparation. The Bridge course will have a detailed study plan of NCERT’s which is power-packed by the observations and sessions of our experienced faculty. The Bridge course will also contain a detailed walkthrough of the major current events facilitated by the sessions on Hindu newspaper and our dedicated current affairs blog

These study plans and sessions are regularly punctuated by tests, which will help the aspirant understand where he/she stands in his preparation. The Bridge course is an elongated and extensive orientation programme on  UPSC preparation and Manifest IAS as an institute. The course will also include many strategy sessions on the dos and don’ts of the UPSC preparation. At the end of the course, the aspirant will have a clarity to make   the right choice for  his preparation.                                        

“ A Journey of a Thousand Miles Begins with a Single Step.”